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We know that single-use plastics are a growing issue. But…do we know exactly why? Do we know what impact the plastics have on the seas and the planet, our health, on a social scale, and how it affects people in third world countries?

We know that reducing the amount of plastics is part of the solution, together with pressuring governments and institutions into establishing strict guidelines relating single use packagings, keeping business lobbies from creating the rules.

But…do we know what we have to do to reduce them without falling into consumerist and “solutions” which are almost impossible to execute?

In this introductory course, we will learn more in depth about the different problems generated by single-use plastics, and the different areas it affects: our health, our budgets, and at a general level. We will also look at specific articles about 15 of these plastics objects which we use in our everyday lives.

This course has various tools, alternatives and suggestions for more responsible consumerism, it offers multi-level alternatives (which are different alternatives that are more or less absolute or “radical” depending on the different starting points and personal neads) for each one of the objects we will be observing.

The last week of the course will be aimed at “empowering” the participants, getting you to choose products/problems that are connected to single-use plastics found in your daily lives, those that have not yet been addressed. To then investigate its impact and discover the possible solutions.

This process and many others will be shared with the constant guidence and advise from the tutor and the debate/comment section at the end of each unit, on which you will be able to interact with the other participants by sharing solutions, doubts and experiences.

In only 30 days we will have expanded our level of conscience and information in relation to the problem with plastic (which is essential for the change to be maintained in time) and we will have learned various alternatives which can help us and guide us in this transition. In addition, we will have incorporated/increased our critical spirit in this field and also the desire to research and adopt more sustainable alternatives.

A change for the summer, or any time of our lives. An opportunity to be healthier, save money, and have a more positive impact on an environmental and social level.

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  • Classes 33
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  • Durada 50 hours
  • Nivell All levels
  • Language English
  • Estudiants 6
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